Vacation Villas Offer Freedom and Value to BVI Tourists

How much does a Vacation Villa Cost?

One of the most economical ways to enjoy a vacation is by renting a villa, but what if I told you that you could rent a villa in the tropics and enjoy the outside most of the time?

Villa rental offers families and groups the best value and the greatest freedom for their traveling dollars. If you compare a rental to hotels, the villa cost-per-person per night is often much lower than comparable luxury hotels and resorts.

Vacation villas give guests more freedom than hotels

Renting a villa is different from any constrained areas provided by hotels and resorts, which are limited to the rented bedroom. A villa provides expansive views and spaces for individuals, couples, or large groups and families.

For those who are interested in renting just one or two bedrooms at Adagio, we assure you that no other parties will be at the villa during your vacation stay. You will have exclusive access to the entire estate, except for the bedrooms you have not rented.

In a nutshell, even if you only rent one room, the whole villa will be yours for your vacation!

BVI Vacation Villas Seasons

If you’re looking for vacation villas and noticing price fluctuations throughout the year, you might be wondering why?

Weather is a significant factor in vacation villa seasonal rates. Although the tropics are warm year-round, certain times of year are wetter, hotter, and windier than others.

Mid-summer into early fall in the BVI is tropical weather season, aka low-season. The BVI is quiet during this time of year. Most private and charter yachts are hauled out and dry-docked for the duration of the “hurricane season,” which spans into mid-October.

There’s a noticeable lack of yacht charter guests during the summer, to such a degree that some of the more popular restaurants and resorts shut down or scale back operations for these slower months.

The summer season is fantastic for power boating due to the lack of steady tradewinds and sea swells that occurs through the winter and spring months. The lack of wind intensifies the warmth and humidity because there is a less steady breeze to keep you cool.

Rest assured, there is plenty of wind when you’re zipping across the water in a powerboat. Discounted prices in the summer for accommodation mean more money to cool you down at the rum bar. In addition, some powerboats and day sail companies have low-season rates, although the selection of rental boats and tour operators is less in the summer.

Late Fall and winter, and spring are popular tourist and chartering seasons, aka high-season, with the most volume of travelers concentrated around the winter holidays. The islands come alive in these months when the tradewinds reappear, the charter guests with them. During these seasons, prices are standard except for the winter holidays, when availability is in higher demand.

Minimum night stays

Summer and Low season rates are for a minimum of 7 days, as indicated in our Villa Availability Calendar and Rates sections. However, shorter rental periods are available during the summer and low season, as are more extended periods throughout the year on a prorated basis.

While we endeavor to maintain an up-to-date calendar, please contact us to check on availability for your planned vacation and to inquire about any special needs.