70 Activities You Can Do During Your Next Vacation at Virgin Gorda, BVI

Visitors of the Virgin Gorda can enjoy different fun activities, which can be as simple as laying down and enjoying the sunny weather and warm breeze. 

Below is a list of 70 different activities you can do for a fun stay at Virgin Gorda.

Relaxing and Enjoying the Serenity of the Island

If you want to chill without having to do much physical activity, you have a lot of choices that you can enjoy while admiring the serenity of the island. Below are some suggestions:

  1. Read a book by the poolside while enjoying a cool drink
  2. Hangout at the Poor Ma’s bar at The Baths and enjoy a game of dominoes
  3. Watch the sailboats pass by from the deck at Adagio Villa
  4. Hire a massage therapist and enjoy a soothing massage at the villa
  5. Plug in your I-pod to the stereo and enjoy some island music
  6. Lay back and do simply nothing! And yes, that has a name; it’s known as Limin’
  7. Suntan under the golden sun rays on the island
  8. Mix up some wild drinks at the bar and enjoy a day at the villa
  9. Sip a cocktail, get some munchies, and watch the sunset from the bar on Saba Rock
  10.  Watch a local basketball game under the lights
  11.  Watch the sailors trying to land their dinghies at the Baths on a rough day
  12.  Watch the pelicans dive for fish
  13.  Watch the Frigate birds soar on the wind

Visiting Local Restaurants and Enjoying Different Cuisines

If you’re a foodie lover, we have a wide variety of suggestions for you to enjoy local and international foods served at the many restaurants in the area:

  1.  Hire a cook-in chef and enjoy the local cuisine 
  2.  Eat a delicious meal of ribs at Hog Heaven on the north side of the mountain while enjoying an exquisite view
  3.  Have lunch at the Top of the Baths and dive into their pool
  4.  Have a “Roti” at Bath and Turtle
  5.  Go out for sweets at the L&S Bakery towards the Baths
  6.  Enjoy a meal of the famous fried chicken at Little Dixie’s
  7.  Enjoy an exquisite Caribbean meal at one of the local restaurants
  8.  Have a meal at Coco Maya and then spend the evening at the beach
  9.  Have a hamburger and red stripe at the Poor Man’s Bar at the Baths
  10.  Enjoy an outstanding, romantic, and upscale dining at the Restaurant at Leverick Bay
  11.  Have a cocktail in one of the several bars in the Settlement on the road of Leverick Bay or Gun Creek 
  12.   Try some Guinness beer
  13.  BBQing some “Bubba burgers” and having them with a few beers for a tasty meal

Going on Roadtrips and Discovering the Island

If you’re a fan of adventures and road trips, there are various locations to visit and enjoy different outdoor activities:

  1.  Rent a jeep and go on a road trip along the main roads of the island and take pictures of the splendid nature around
  2.  Hike up Mount Gorda from the trail entrance
  3.  Dance at Chez Bamboo on a Friday night 
  4.  Rent a boat and tour around Sir Francis Drake Channel
  5.  Walk on the beach at Mahoe Bay
  6.  Build a sand castle on the beach
  7.  Collect shells at Soldiers Bay or Handsome Bay
  8.  Visit the Copper Mine ruins
  9.  Walk through the boulders to devil’s bay at The Baths
  10.  Visit the Friday night beach BBQ at Leverick Bay and see the Mocko Jumbies
  11.  Rent a windsurfer and learn about the trade winds
  12.  Sail with Keith on the Spirit of Anegada
  13.  Jog to Spanish Town and back early in the morning
  14.  Play a game of tennis on the court at Mahoe Bay
  15.  Go on a road trip up Mount Gorda and enjoy the calming view of the sea up to Africa
  16.  Go up the west road to Hog Heaven and check out Richard Branson’s Islands
  17.  Drive the west road around Mount Gorda and wonder at the view of Anegada
  18.  Take a day sail to Anegada and have the lobster at the Big Bamboo or Cow Wreck, Neptune’s Treasure, Anegada Reef Hotel, or Capt’n’s 
  19.  Snorkel from the beach at Mahoe Bay, Mountain Trunk, Little Trunk, or Spring Bay
  20.  Take a day sail to the Willie T floating restaurant at Peter Island
  21.  Take the ferry to Road Town, Tortola when the cruise ships are not in town
  22.  Explore the Mahoe Bay flora and fauna by touring the roads within Mahoe Bay
  23.  Catch a gecko – then let it go
  24.  Catch a hermit crab and feed it some lettuce (Watch out for getting your thumb caught!)
  25.  Rent a kayak and paddle up and down the west side of the island or the North Sound
  26.  Snorkel at the Baths on a calm day
  27.  Take the day sail to Jost Van Dyke and visit the Soggy Dollar Bar
  28.  Take in a Full Moon Party at Bomba’s shack at Cane Garden Bay (You can also book a night at Maria’s hotel for the trip back the next day)
  29.  Walk long Mahoe Bay to the point where it meets Nail Bay
  30.  Throw the Blackberry in the pool and play fetch
  31.  Visit Spring Bay and jump off the rocks into the water
  32.  Walk on the beach at Savannah Bay/ Pond Bay
  33.  Snorkel Handsome Bay on a calm day
  34.  Snorkel the caves at Norman Island
  35.  Take your kids and a flashlight down to the beach at night and watch the needlefish approach the light
  36.  Go for a midnight “skinny dip” in the warm waters of Mahoe Bay
  37.  Snorkel at Savannah Bay
  38.  Celebrate sunset at CocoMaya
  39.  Collect conch shells at South Sound
  40.  Drive north of Nail Bay and discover an isolated beach

Other Fun Activities

Other activities to do while on the island:

  1.  Browse the local grocery stores and shop for dinner
  2.  Buy a few good Cuban cigars at Pusser’s at Leverick Bay
  3.  Contemplate your belly button and take a picture of your toes with a cold Carib
  4.  Go shopping at the Top of the Baths shops
  5. Take Dive BVI’s scuba course and get your certification
  6. Visit Leverick Bay and check out the shops