Welcome to Adagio Villa at Mahoe Bay
Virgin Gorda, BVI

Ready to enjoy a bit of slow tempo in your life? 

Looking for relief from all the COVID-19 stress - Unwind at Adagio - Special cancellation policies in effect:  Book with us and if either your point of origin or BVI closes their borders, carry over your booking for any time same season at the same rate for two years in the future.


You can find your "Kokomo" at Mahoe Bay. Warm breezes, clear deep blue skies, crystal clear waters, white sand and a spectacular view of some of the other 50 Virgin Islands greet visitors as they arrive at Adagio Villa.  Mahoe Bay’s most luxurious and well laid out villa encompasses expansive decks; private fresh water pool, five master bedrooms all with super quiet air-conditioning and ensuite bathrooms, designer furnishings, an elegant decor reminiscent of the British Empire in the tropical East Indies and you.  Your Adagio Villa vacation escape is perfect for a get-together with a few close friends, a family reunion, a honeymoon, a corporate reward for a job well done, or a serious corporate planning session for your executive committee or board.

Singles, couples, families and groups of all ages will find Adagio Villa and Mahoe Bay to be handicap accessible, child-friendly and safe – perfect for the ultimate vacation. Daily maid service and gourmet chefs for hire combine to create a memorable escape from the hectic pace of your life  and the beach is just a few steps away. (click on any thumbnail below to see slide show) 

Last reviewed July 26, 2020