Virgin Gorda:

Virgin Gorda is an ideal retreat for those looking for a quiet vacation away from sprawling over-urbanized islands.  Much less developed, less populated and slower-paced than Tortola; Virgin Gorda has a mountainous landscape dotted with palms and cacti.  The semi-arid climate of Virgin Gorda promises only a few rainy days.

Virgin Gorda is three islands in one, the southern third occupied by Spanish Town, or as it is sometimes known "The Valley", is flat with massive boulders, especially concentrated around the south end of the island at the Baths.  Vegetation consists of palms, cacti and various flowering bushes and trees.  The central part of the island is mountainous with Gorda Peak and lovely west side beaches such as Mahoe Bay, Savannah Bay and Pond Bay each featuring turquoise seas and fabulous coral reefs ideal for snorkelling and diving. The northern third of the island is accessible via a climbing, but the smooth, paved road on the east side of Mount Gorda and is situated around North Sound.  An alternate route is along the west side but which is more up and down. North Sound abounds with sailboats protected by a half dozen other islands surrounding the sound and protecting an ideal water sports arena.

Virgin Gorda is an island of rolling hills, beautiful beaches and spectacular geological formations. The most famous place to visit is 'The Baths', often called the eighth wonder of the world, where immense boulders are scattered along stunning beaches which provide grottoes and pools to hike through and explore.  Situated near The Bath's are two other beaches, Spring Bay and Devil's Bay each of which as large boulders as well.



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