Virgin Gorda • Exploring Virgin Gorda

Getting Around Virgin Gorda: (See below for a map and video)

Virgin Gorda is a relatively underpopulated island with a very straight forward road system. See the video at the bottom of this page.  There is one long paved road that runs from the South end of the island (Spanish Town/The Valley) to the North Sound (Gunn Creek and Leverick Bay).  Going north from Spanish Town just before the road starts its climb over to the North Sound there is a Y intersection; Mahoe Bay is off to the left. The road continues past Mahoe Bay through Nail Bay and eventually makes its way up the mountain where it joins the main North/South road.

The North Sound is hilly with several switchbacks and tight turns but all the roads are concrete and passable - just drive slowly.  The south end of the island is much flatter and all the roads are paved.  Both the ferry dock and the airport are no more than five minutes from Adagio Villa. 

The best way to travel around the island is by renting a car or jeep.  If you have a lot of people in your party consider renting two jeeps or a "jitney" which is a pickup truck with a covering over the truck bed with seats on either side of the truck bed.  There is no need to have a 4 x 4 on the island.  Rental companies rent both standard (manual) transmission jeeps as well as SUV's with automatic transmission.  There are two gas (petrol) stations in Spanish Town and while fuel is more expensive than in the US you will find that you won't use much.

All the rental agencies on Virgin Gorda are managed by responsible and attentive staff who will have a car waiting for you at either the ferry dock or the airport upon your arrival.  Some of our favourite firms are:

Mahogany Car Rentals  or

Speedy's Car Rentals  or

Harrigan's Island Style Rentals or

L & S Jeep Rentals

White Oleander Moke Rentals http://

Guest Map of Virgin Gorda: 

This map is not to scale but shows Mahoe Bay in relation to the other areas of the island.  Centrally located, Mahoe Bay and Adagio Villa are only 5 minutes by car to Spanish Town and about 15 minutes, over the mountain, to the North Sound - Note:  the road on the west side of Virgin Gorda now goes around the mountain and includes "Hog Heaven" situated on the north side of the mountain with views of Anegada, Saba Rock, Richard Branson's Necker and Mosquito Islands, Larry Page's Eustacia Island and the Aga Khan's YCCS yacht club and the far-north territory of Virgin Gorda Oil Nut Bay.


Video Tour of Virgin Gorda (Video starts at top of above map)