The Adagio Villa Experience

Renting a villa, not your usual vacation choice? A vacation at "Adagio Villa at Mahoe Bay" is a unique way for friends, families and couples to get away from it all; especially from the hustle and bustle of all-inclusive vacations at resorts, cruise ships or hotels.  

What are the advantages of staying in a villa over a hotel? The only true privacy you get in a hotel or on a cruise ship is in your bedroom and, even then, there may be an unexpected knock on your door for room service or housekeeping. In a villa everything belongs to you - the pool, the bar, the lounge chairs, the terrace, your choice in music and the view - it is your home every minute of the day and all of the night. Close the gate at the driveway and no one comes on your property without you knowing it. 

You will only see the people you wish to see. Even the daily maid staff will become “invisible” if that is what you want; appearing only at those times you ask them to serve you. In a villa, you decide everything from what you want to eat to the time you eat. If you want a beer and hamburger in a wet bathing suit at midnight - so be it. If you want a chef to come in and prepare a special meal just phone one up and they'll be there. And yet, despite having all these major advantages, an Adagio Villa vacation compares very favourably in relation to the price of a hotel or a charter boat, or a cruise to a bunch of islands you've never heard of, or horror of horrors an all-inclusive resort. There are no hawkers selling Tee-shirts on the beach or offering dubious bottles of water.

An Adagio Villa vacation is a chance to unwind; to live life secluded from the pressures of meal schedules, or hotel staff, waiting to be tipped for the slightest courtesy done or implied. Guests at Adagio commune with nature all from a secure and unrestricted relaxed setting. At Adagio, while we have internet services for the TV, it's only available in the main great room. No more sullen teenagers hiding away from the sun. Grandparents have an opportunity to enjoy their children and grandchildren; newlyweds can enjoy extremely private and secluded accommodation; long time married couples can reconnect and really talk to each other; harried executives can take the time to teach their kids about seashells and hermit crabs, and friends can chat and enjoy each other’s company without the distraction of the outside world. But, just as importantly, the villa is so spacious and the layout so inviting, that private time needs can be met by just going to one of the bedroom balconies, reading a book while standing in the pool, or going for a walk on the secluded beach at Mahoe.

The benefits of renting Adagio Villa begin before you even board your plane to travel to the airport in St. Thomas, San Juan, St. Maarten or to whichever island your carrier is flying. There you will sit in the departure area waiting to board your plane to relaxation and survey your fellow passengers; inevitably a kind of Princeton’s Field Guide to Caribbean flotsam and jetsam: the knots of senior citizens on their way to meet cruise ships; the college-age frat boys in “Señor Frog T-shirts”; the would-be Jimmy Buffets’s with leathery faces and thinning ponytails; the moms already applying sunscreen to their screaming kids and the dads already plotting their escape to a fishing boat, scuba dive or beachfront bar. You will look around at them and whisper to yourself, “After this flight is over, I will never see any of you people ever again. Not at the pool. Not at a reception desk. Not at breakfast. Never, and certainly not while I am lounging around in my swimsuit getting a sun-tan. And, by the way, if I want to skinny dip it's not going to cause a scandal."

While your departure lounge cabin mates are checking in at the local resort or lining up for the ship's logistics staff, you’ll be wandering through room after impeccably decorated room at Adagio villa trying to figure out which one has the best view of the ocean from your private balcony. It's a secret, they all have identical views of the ocean and the surrounding islands in perfect 3D. No staring out a flat ocean with nothing to see but the flat ocean. 

But beyond the comparable cost to other kinds of holidays and accommodation (and even beyond the undeniable tingle that saying the words “my villa” provokes), there’s a vast esthetic difference.

A villa is somehow of a place—integrally part of the island landscape—an authentic alternative to the “Luxury” served up by even the most well-meaning hotel chain. To stay in a private residence puts you in a community, not only of your neighbours and the locals you’ll meet at the food market but of a sort of “villaocracy” whose members have known how to travel throughout the ages: from 19th-century British artists and poets relaxing in the hills of Tuscany to David Letterman or Larry Page taking a break at Necker Island. 

As you may have imagined the inaugural stock-up trip to the food and beverage store is one of the great rituals of villa life. So are a host of other, usually boring, domestic chores. But even here you can order ahead and have everything pre-stocked for your arrival – including a full refrigerator or bar fridge. And there is no need to cook even one meal yourself – relax at your villa and have a chef come in to prepare, serve and clean up after an enjoyable and inexpensive group dining experience. Or, if you are feeling that you want to see what the local scene is, just wander into town and check out one of the great restaurants on Virgin Gorda.

Eventually, of course, you will deign to go down to the beach and spend a few hours snorkeling across impossibly blue water or just lolling in the sand. And then, pleasantly sunburned and weary, you will return to your villa—up the road about 100 yards, past the gate and pop into the pool to cool down and, inevitably, someone will sigh happily and say, “Ah, home. ”

But we realize that not everyone is immune from the pressures of life - need some entertainment for the little ones during the day? We have child-friendly DVD movies and players in four of the bedrooms – the nice thing about movies is that they end and after the break, the children can rejoin the family activities. Do you have someone still feeling the urge to find out what’s happening in the world – guests at Adagio can bring their laptops and hook up to free WiFi to catch up on the stock market or breaking news. So relax, the world will carry on without you for a short while - enjoy the beach, the sand, the sea and by all means just sit there and watch the sailboats go by. After all, it's your villa.

Come join in the Adagio experience - you'll be back many times. 

PS: If you haven't seen the video yet here's a sample of what awaits at Adagio



Reviewed July 26 2020