Sun and Sea Activities: Videos courtesy of YouTube and pictures from various guests 


Remote. Tranquil. Pristine. Beautiful. Private. Secluded. Palm Fringed. The beaches of Virgin Gorda come in all shapes and sizes, and each one is unique. They are not only beautiful but are almost always uncrowded and very often deserted. Palm-fringed, white sandy beaches, combined with a translucent ocean that teems with marine life and coral reefs, attract boaters and landlubbers alike. Snorkel, sail, sunbathe, or shell at any one of these coves. Even avid surfers will be thrilled by the long north swells that roll lazily in during the winter months on North West shores.

The Baths (Virgin Gorda)

A National Park made up of a series of small sea pools lying beneath a canopy of giant granite boulders. These sheltered light-filled grottoes create a unique setting to swim and explore. Snorkelling along the outside perimeter of both The Baths and Devil's Bay reveals an area rich in colourful fish and coral.


Savannah Bay and Pond  Bay Beaches (Virgin Gorda)

Located to the north of Virgin  Gorda  Yacht  Harbor and with spectacular sunsets, Savannah  Bay is a beautiful long curving stretch of sand perfect for relaxing on the beach, swimming and snorkelling.



Devil's Bay  Beach (Virgin Gorda)

This National Park is accessible by boat or by walking through the trails of The Baths. The beach is pure white sand and sprinkled with large granite boulders. Its deep blue waters make for excellent diving and snorkelling.

Mahoe  Bay  Beach (Virgin Gorda)

Your "private beach" if you decide to become a guest at Adagio Villa. This remote quiet beach with vivid blue water is located north of Savannah  Bay. The bay lies at the end of a tropically landscaped drive leading to a restaurant, beach resorts, and villas. Its' gentle sandy curves and two picturesque reefs afford wonderful water activities.



Prickly Pear  National Park (Prickly Pear)

This 243-acre island was declared a National Park in 1988. Located in the North Sound of Virgin Gorda, the cacti-covered hills of Prickly Pear slope down to several pristine beaches. The northern and eastern shores boast two of the territory's best beaches. The North  Beach, in particular, offers great swimming and snorkelling. For hiking enthusiasts, the National Parks Trust and Visions International created a hiking trail that leads from the Sand Box Bar, over a gentle slope, down to the North  Beach.

Vixen Point (Prickly Pear)

Located on Prickly Pear Island in North Sound, Vixen Point is a long stretch of white sand with a beach bar and a shop from which you can rent windsurfers and other water sports equipment. It is a favourite play spot for yachtsmen and guests from neighbouring resorts.

Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Sailing, Deep Sea Fishing, Boating, Para Gliding and other Water Sports 

Virgin Gorda and the BVI's, in general, are world-renowned for water sports of all types. Whether you choose a day sail with one of the great excursion companies or a week of scuba diving amongst the many shipwrecks and man-made dive sites throughout the waters surrounding the islands you'll be sure to have the time of your life taking advantage of the warm and crystal clear waters of the BVI's.


For Scuba Diving, we highly recommend the folks at Dive BVI - they have two retail locations on Virgin Gorda one at Leverick Bay and their main store at Yacht Harbor in Spanish town - reservations and a full description of their day trips are available at  Dive BVI has a full range of scuba and snorkelling equipment for rent or purchase.


One of the major attractions of Virgin Gorda is the number of coral reefs around the island - it's a simple walk into the water at Mahoe, Savannah  Bay, Pond  Bay or the Baths to experience the wonders below.  Again the staff at Dive BVI can assist you with all your equipment needs.

Deep-seas Fishing:

Deep-sea fishing is a delight on Virgin Gorda with its proximity to the drop off to the Atlantic Ocean a few miles from shore.  Several companies with experienced and helpful crews work with guests to ensure a successful and pleasant day.  Check with the staff of B &B Boat Rentals for a reservation by clicking

Powerboat Rentals:

The staff at Leverick  Bay water sports rent smaller powerboats as well as other watersport equipment for a day or half day's exploration of the waters surrounding Virgin Gorda

Day Sails by Power or Sail: 

There are several options for day sails and exploration trips from Virgin Gorda to some of the other islands, bays and dive or snorkelling sites in the beautiful British Virgin Islands.  We thoroughly recommend Keith Williams and The Spirit of Anegada or Double D charters, owned and operated by Dave Irwin at operators are very experienced and offer excursions to some of the other islands in the BVI area.  With lunch and drinks provided, this alternative to relaxing a the villa is a great way to enjoy the sea without acquiring the skills to be your own cruise director.  Another alternative to the two charter operations above is to contact Elaine Cooper at Bradley Powerboats at Leverick and ask her about the "join ins" she runs weekly.  These trips are great fun and no two trips are the same. Email her at to find out when and where she is running this week.