About Us

About Us:

We’re the MacDonald’s; Brian, Marion, and Sarah, and we live in Toronto, Ontario.  We first visited Virgin Gorda in October 1996 as a result of a corporate get-together.  On that trip, we rented three villas for about 20 people and had the time of our lives. 

We were seasoned travellers and had been to many of the islands in the Caribbean but the charm of Virgin Gorda and the beach at Mahoe told us that we had found paradise.  We vowed to come back as soon as possible.  Several months later, a friend of ours called to say that a lot had been released for purchase. We bought the lot virtually sight unseen but based on a site map. After several years of return visits and winding our way through the building approval process, we obtained government permission to build on the lot.  Needless to say, we came down every few months to renew our vision in terms of the villa layout and overall design.  The design process was aided by our stays at some of the other villas at Mahoe Bay.  We borrowed concepts and design ideas from many of the other villas on the island and we thank those villa owners for their efforts in having gone ahead and forged the way.  The result is that our villa was the last one completed within the Mahoe area and incorporates the best ideas from many of the other villas as well as our sense of lazy island living. 

Our primary concerns were to maximize the free flow of space to accommodate larger family and group vacations; provide our guests with a very luxurious setting; ensure our guests had private areas to escape the pressures of larger groups; provide a safe environment for children of all ages; and, we also wanted the villa to be handicapped accessible as we had elderly parents at the time.

After several years of work with our builder on the plans for Adagio Villa in 2000 - 2001, we began construction in April 2001.  Adagio was completed in February 2002.  During Christmas 2001 and February 2002 we took delivery of several containers of furniture and appliances from Miami and Canada and set to work decorating the rooms in a style that is very much Caribbean.  In March 2002 we proudly opened the villa for guests. 

The grounds and gardens were landscaped and planted in 2002 and 2003 and are now fully mature.  We hope that you will take some time to stroll through the gardens as we've planted many native plants and other tropical species.  The gardens are on a constant irrigation system which ensures that the plants are unaffected by the semi-arid conditions on Virgin Gorda. 

About BVI:

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is a collection of 60 islands, cays and rocks forming the northern extremity of the Leeward Islands in the eastern Caribbean.  

Located 100 kilometres (62 miles) east of Puerto Rico these islands have a balmy, subtropical climate. Temperatures average about 85 degrees Fahrenheit. At night the temperatures drop about four to eight degrees. 

The islands of the BVI form almost an oval around Tortola, the largest island. They are volcanic in origin, except Anegada which is formed of coral and limestone and is the lowest-lying.   On land, the BVI's are endowed with fine mountain ranges, small valleys and little flat fertile agriculture land. 

For most of the recorded history, since at least the 17th century, the BVI has been a crown colony of the United Kingdom.   The government has been a British  Overseas  Territory since 1672. The Head of State is HM Queen Elizabeth II, represented locally by a Governor appointed by the UK. There is a legislative assembly headed by a Chief Minister with local representatives elected by BVI citizens called “belongers”.  There are many ex-pats and other workers who arrive each year together with villa owners from the US, Canada, and Europe termed “non-belongers”. The language spoken is English and the currency is US Dollars.

Family and Friends on Virgin Gorda:

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